Lyndir is a small startup by Maarten Billemont, that focuses on design and development of web and mobile applications.

Maarten is currently looking for projects or employment in Canada, with a focus on the Ottawa or Toronto areas. If you're a prospective employer or know of job-opportunities in these areas, get in touch via the Contact page (or see Maarten's resume).

With expertise ranging from Java (with a focus on web and security applications) to iOS (with a focus on games, security and productivity applications), Lyndir is a modern company that is in touch with a fast evolving IT world.

Maarten Billemont

Maarten has been actively involved in the design and development of both front- and back-end of security applications.

At Lin.K, Maarten was one of the core developers of linkID, an extensive identity management and authentication platform. For Encap, he's written the Encap Authentication Server, a multi-factor authentication platform, focussed on mobile authentication and signing services.
In addition to these server back-ends, Maarten has also designed and authored the iOS applications that allow customers to authenticate themselves for these systems.
Maarten has a thorough knowledge and understanding of security concepts and open standards.

For Lyndir, Maarten has developed the Gorillas and DeBlock games. Maarten is also the author of the Opal and Pearl libraries. Recently, his Master Password application has entered beta-stage, allowing everybody to start securing their global online life through better and safer password management.

Check us out on Google+: , Lyndir, Master Password.